Month: August 2005

Fergy 8 Web Site

The main Fergy8 WWW site is Today the team are due to head up to the Poeppel Corner Oil Well just inside the Northern Teritory, before heading back into Queensland towards Birdsville. The team will probably be going about

It looks like things will be interesting at the Sydney Airport for the next few days, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Fuel Rationing has been introduced due to a quality issue with the fuel at the airport. An anti-static

I have just finished watching Ladder 49, and Eulogy. Ladder 49 was not what I expected… The flashbacks were disconcerting, and took some time to work out. In fact they made the whole movie seem like a collection of scenes

I have just seen the DVD of The Interpreter, and I did like the movie. I am not sure what I expected, and I am not sure if this met my expectation. But I am certainly glad that I saw

I was speaking to a friend of mine this morning – and I came up with a new product… I am not sure that it will sell many but it is a cute idea. It is something that I have

I expect the Fergy 8 people to reach Poeppel Corner today. For those who do not know, this is the where South Australia, the Northern Teritory and Queesland meet. It is about 50km from their overnight stop, and should be

I have had a really busy day – I have been at Eastgardens most of the day. It was good to be out of the house, and the office… and the weather was fantastic. It is certainly starting to feel

The Fergy 8 people will probably be hitting the NSW/South Australian border today. The whole system is working flawlessly. Lets see how it comes with Sunday morning where the Web Site will be mentioned on the ABC Radio programme ‘Australia

I am starting to wilt after not getting enough sleep last night… Maybe I will have better luck today, but I have a few things that I need to get done before finally falling asleep tonight. Number one is a

I have been very distracted for the last few hours. Very very distracted… Basically I have been doing some warranty rework stuff… And that has been frustrating at times. It was one of those cases where nothing would work at

The Fergy 8 people are due to leave the Alka Seltzer Bore and journey up ‘The French Line’ slowly towards Birdsville today. 10km up the road is the Purni Bore, where the water comes out close to boiling point. The

I have just got back from the meeting…It is now 11:35PM… I will post more in the morning – but I heard this great story, about how someone was driving from Mildura in Victoria to Adelaide, and the vehicle tracking

I am meeting a client this evening for dinner. This is a client I have been working with for about 18 months, so it will be nice to meet him. I am picking him up from the airport tonight, and

Strange… The Fergy8 people must be having a lazy day… They have not left their night stop tonight. Right now I have a remote desktop open on my laptop, connected to my server, monitoring things. The last satellite position came

The Fergy 8 guys are preparing to leave Dalhousie today for the Simpson Desert trek today. They expect to take about a week to cross the desert, mostly taking the ‘French Line’, a trail surveyed in the 1960’s by a