Month: April 2006

I got a present today… One of the old ladies at our church is very sick, and one of her sons is staying here at the moment looking after her during the day, and staying here each night. Anyway, as

I got some of the things that I had planned for today actually done… or my accounts are almost done, and I have done some work on a consulting job… So if I am going to spend a weekend at

I am within minutes of getting my BAS done. So, why am I wasting my life with writing here when I can be getting my paperwork done and out of the way? Simple… I have been dumb, and I forgot

Half of the work on getting the accounts done is complete. And there are only three pages of bank account to reconcile. I might be done today 🙂

First job on my agenda for today… Update my blog… Then I MUST do my accounts, including my BAS, and then I have some other things to do… Some TV to watch. Stuff like that. But I seem to be

Last night I needed to fill up my car with petrol before jumping onto the M7 coming home. I think I could have probably got home without filling up since the fuel light had only just come on, but I

What a day… It has been fun, but it has also been a LONG day. I was tempted not to drive home, but in the end I decided that the allure of my own bed was stronger than my tiredness.

V for Vendetta fans will love this… It is a trailer for a movie called ‘C for Cookie’, which is a combination of Sesamae Street and V for Vendetta… Quite funny, but with some work it could be excellent!!!

For some reason I cannot get the Green Day song ‘American Idiot‘ out of my head. I have loved this song since I saw the pure energy of their Live-8 performance in 2005. It hass a catching musical riff, and

I reported earlier about the cipher in the judgement for the Da Vinci Code copyright infringement lawsuit in the UK. The cipher is now being called ‘Smithy Code’, and has been decoded according to the Wikipedia. The text is actually

Finally home from the install job. It has got to the point where I can do an install into a truck in a touch over an hour. This not too bad… I am also learning how to start the motors

This is really cute… I am sitting in my car with the screen opened up, and both sitting on the steering wheel and my lap with wireless access… Just waiting for another truck to come in so I can do

I finally saw the film clip to the DHT version of the song ‘Listen to your Heart’, and I must say that I think that the film clip mostly does the song justice. The piano in the background is just

I think I like the new Beta of Internet Explorer. There are a few subtle changes to the User Interface, although there are probably some changes under the hood too… One of the big changes is that IE opens the

I am not happy about my new Cellphone. It is hanging up after 1-2 minutes on most calls. I have emailed the company who sold it to me asking about exchanging the phone – else I will be returning it