Month: April 2006

I did get my new phone… I must start with the standard complaint of the battery not being charged – although there is probably a very good reason for this. Some other things are not as good as with my

My new cellphone is arriving today I hope. For the past few days I have been getting error messages on my Nokia 6600 warning about a SIM card having issues. So, either a new cellphone will help this, or I

I am starting to fade… I am getting drowsy, and I will soon need to get some sleep… The weekend certainly took a lot out of me… Quote of the day… “When you want a computer system that works, just

Definitely time for a break. Right now I am sitting in my workshop with the laptop on my lap preparing to do a bit more electronics work, having just finished a couple of trackers off for a client. I was

Blogger is still having issues publishing posts… Often I post and then assume it is saved… and then only when I come to create the next entry do I find out that there was an issue with the upload. Argh!

I definitely slept well last night… I needed sleep… I was exhausted. Four days building is enough in a row I can assure you. It was fun though, and really really awarding… I have a breakfast meeting this morning at

I am HOME!!! Well, at my normal place of abode rather than the place that I seem to spend a lot of my time… I am home from a LONG weekend working on the plane, and I am EXHAUSTED! Four

Last night I was talking to a friend about encrypting passwords… and he suggested that the Rijndael algorithm be used. Now, I have a pretty good knowledge of what crypto systems are out there. It is not my field, but

I was having problems with posting to Blogger. It seemed that I had set Blogger up to contact my hosting companies server by IP address rather than by name to fix a previous issue with posting to my Blog. Well,

Earlier today I sent a Microsoft Access database to a colleague, and he could not access it. The problem is that Outlook does not by default allow you to even save an access database that has been sent… The rationale

I was helping out a friend last night with a computer problem… The computer would not seem to be able to connect to the Internet. After some time I worked out that it was connecting to the Internet fine (with

I think I need to get myself a new cellphone finally… I charged it yesterday morning, and it was running low on batteries this evening. Strangely I had not even used it in the intervening time, except for an SMS

One of the friends has a Mac, and one of the cute effects that I see on his PC is a screensaver where the image seems to slightly zoom and pan. The effect is really cool, and brings some life

When Al Gore was the Vice President of the USA, he once claimed to have ‘Invented the Internet’… Unfortunately this slip up followed him for the rest of his career in public life, probably contributing to his defeat in the

This morning I had a memorial service at the church for one of the old members who died just before easter… She had been a member of the church as long as I had been there, and it was interesting