I finally saw the film clip to the DHT version of the song ‘Listen to your Heart’, and I must say that I think that the film clip mostly does the song justice. The piano in the background is just as powerful as the lead singers voice. I can just see that her voice can only improve in the next few years. I will have to keep my ears out for more music by DHT.

For those who have not seen the film clip, the singer (whoes name escapes me) is sitting on a stool, respendant in an evening dress and pulled back hair next to a grand piano. The piano is being played by a band member in an attire somewhat reminiscent of Dave Steward from the Eurythmics. Surrounding the two performers are hundreds of small candles, highlighting the performers as they present their interpretation of the music. And intersursed with the live performance are cuts to what are obviously memories from better times shot to resemble 8 or 16mm film. Simple but effective.