I reported earlier about the cipher in the judgement for the Da Vinci Code copyright infringement lawsuit in the UK. The cipher is now being called ‘Smithy Code’, and has been decoded according to the Wikipedia. The text is actually playing homage to Jackie Fisher, an Admiral in the UK many moons back.

I have been rather successful this afternoon. I am getting a major webservice written, and I sent off much of the first work package today to one of my programmers. There is a LOT of work in this – something like 220 function calls and about 40-60 database tables. The first lot of work is about 60-70 web service function calls. Then I need to write up a manual to describe how all this is used. Maybe I should just outsource that too.

All I need to do now is fill in my client and let him know how things are going with this. I am sure he will be rather impressed….