Finally home from the install job. It has got to the point where I can do an install into a truck in a touch over an hour. This not too bad… I am also learning how to start the motors on these beasts – the main problem is that the machines use icons which makes it hard for someone who does not know what the icons stand for.

I also needed to modify the hardware from my last visit… Two units needed modifying, or so I thought… When I went to do the 2nd one I was told that there was no problem. But only after I had been waiting 25 minutes for the operator to get back from lunch. Argh.

So, judges *DO* have a sense of humor. The judge from the Da Vinci Code lawsuit in the UK inserted a code into his judgement, according to the SMH. There are reports that no work is being done in London today by legal firms as everyone from legal secretaries to baristers, solicitors and partners try to unravel the judgement.