Month: October 2006

Another run this morning. I went a bit further. It has been too long since I went running… I plan to go again tomorrow morning, and evening. Maybe lunch time too tomorrow if I am really really enthusiastic. We will

WOW. Qantas has decided to order more Airbus A-380’s. Most of the industry thought they would cut orders, but they have done the oposite.

A crew from Today Tonight has been thrown off a P&O cruise in Vanuatu after secretly filming guests. They seem always to be getting into trouble! Also, Junk Mail Companies are starting to use GPS to prove that they have

ABC News in the USA has more on the Web SIte that allows you to print your own fake boarding pass. This has created a storm, with some lawmakers suggesting that the person be arrested. He has been visited by

And Tesco’s have started selling a ‘Pole Dancing Kit marketed to children, so that they can ‘unleash the Sex Kitten within’. And a new visualization of the Periodic Table has been developed. This time it is a spiral.

First thing. There is a new Child Care Centre opening up in the area. It is called Little Einstein, presumably since they want to convey that children will learn so they will become little Einstein’s. The thing is that Einstein

Here is a link to my work in W.A. link.

For the information of readers I am involved with the Telstra Rally Series in W.A. this weekend. (Un)Fortunately I will not need to be over there – I have mostly done my work. I have set up some tracking gear

According to the NY Times, the US Government is allowed to search any laptops being brought into the country for whatever reason they like, In fact, they do not even need a reason! Google have announced that they have released

Firstly my Vodafone 3G card has been playing up. I found that the antenna socket had come off inside, and that this was causing major issues. I have had a go at fixing the connector, but I am not sure

Richard Hammond from Top Gear is starting to talk about his crash at 288 miles/hour. The Mirror in the UK has more… Really Interesting. Ever the engineer in the body of a clasical pianist, James May gave Richard Hammond some

What a day… I worked most of the day on getting some software and hardware out for the Telstra Rally series in Western Australia. I ended up spending about $150 on express post to get everything out on time. I

The Wall Street Journal has an article about one of the reporters who was investigated illegally by HP. They even got hold of her phone bills and bugged her MSN conversations. No wonder people are being charged. In London someone

Kazakhstan is having a bad time at the moment. First there was a comedian who was making fun of the country. Now they are going to be the only country in the world which has money with the wrong spelling

Last nights meeting was interesting. It was on management options for the local preschool. To be honest my views slightly changed, but I did not change from my view that there should be local control. So I gave the powers