Firstly my Vodafone 3G card has been playing up. I found that the antenna socket had come off inside, and that this was causing major issues. I have had a go at fixing the connector, but I am not sure that it will last. I will need to see. I do not think that it is working much better with the external antenna – they are releasing a USB version next month and I hope the price on that will be good.

I am trying to get my Tax done today. I dont think I have any hope. This morningt I went down to the church as LifeLine were coming to pick up a heap of stuff… It was enjoyable just sitting outside watching the world go bu sending a few emails. Relaxing. I was using an extension cord as I was unsure how long they would be. It went straight into the bin after – someone had used a heater with it and the socket was a bit melted.

I have been doing some warranty work on trackers today. Most of the units actually worked. Not sure what was going on but they are off back to the client.