The Wall Street Journal has an article about one of the reporters who was investigated illegally by HP. They even got hold of her phone bills and bugged her MSN conversations. No wonder people are being charged.

In London someone has designed Scrabble furniture. Cute. In Germany is a factory full of Glass. This is probably the cleanest car factory in the world. Looks amazing. And they offer tours.

I read the report into John Denver’s death. I remember he died in a plane crash. What I did not realise was that it was an Experimental plane from Burt Rutan/Scaled Composites. The main problem was that the pilot had needed to switch the fuel to another tank. But the switchover was behind him in a bad location. Normally you need to actually undo a part of the harness to change the tank.

And in the USA, a naked woman in New York killed a pedestrian with the car she was driving!!!