Month: October 2006

According to the SMH it seems likely a bolt came from a plane and hit a house today. But the person was saying that it would have a serial number on it… if it was a plane. Maybe. The plane

I have got no work done yet today. And it is 2pm. Maybe that is some indication how much I distrust a certain organisation closely associated with Pancake Day. And from speaking to other people I am not the only

A few years back I used a Quik Internet dialup account in New Zealand. They have now just been purchased by IHUG. And so I got a credit note for $3.91 from them for some reason. I told the customer

I am not getting much work done. I certainly have work to do but I am distracted with child care centre rubbish. And this is me, without any kids. At least without any I know about 🙂 There are too

Spamhaus can add another person to the people using their service. I have put my mail server onto deleting SPAM automatically. I think it has cut the amount of SPAM significantly. I will know later when I see the report

Yesterday was interesting… I met with a friend from interstate briefly on his way through Sydney… It was great to catch up as always. Pymble was good, but for some reason I just felt distracted all day. I suspect that

Today will be really interesting. At about 9am I need to drop a report and a letter into the local preschool. The report is likely to be contraversial to say the least, so I intend to drop it in and

According the the BBC, there us a dumb plan in Hungary to track passengers in an airport down to 1m. Sure, this can be a cute technology if they need to find someone who looks as if they are about

I am just back from a job… The client was complaining some hardware was not working. I could not find any problem with the half that he sent across so I needed to do a site visit. When I got

The BBC has a story on the Bali Memorial in London. I saw this when I was there last month… Although it was still mostly undercover and the huge globe was missing. Another Link. And here is a great photo

Firstly, Radioactive Snails have been discovered in Spain where the US dropped a few bombs by accident 40 years ago spreading radiation. The bombs did not explode though, and the US cleaned up the site. Now snails are being found

I am currently listening to Madonna’s ‘Oh, Father’. I just love this musically. Great song. I found this on her album ‘Something to Remember’ which contains the other classic song ‘Take a Bow’. Musically they are somewhat similar. Great sounds.

For some reason I have been rather tired for the last week or so and I do not know why. I really have had things on my mind I think and it has not been good for me. I know

This morning I was busy… I was helping a friend move a heap of furniture. Thankfully it did not take a heap of time, but did take time. I have found a new toy for powerpoint. It is Import Pics

I have been dealing with a heap of Child Care Centre stuff yesterday. In fact too much child care centre stuff. But it has to be done, and I guess it is me who needs to do it. Argh and