Another run this morning. I went a bit further. It has been too long since I went running… I plan to go again tomorrow morning, and evening. Maybe lunch time too tomorrow if I am really really enthusiastic. We will see. Today I went over to Pymble to catch up on a few things, but when I was there I rang a client of mine in order to get some equipment back. Last week he invited me for lunch to pay back the loan.

Anyway he was waiting to get onto a plane in Melbourne following a film shoot. So I arranged to pick him up from the Airport rather than have him catch a Taxi. So I arranged to wait at Krispy Kreme until he got there. As soon as I got there he let me know he had arrived, and grabbed him a Coffee and a Donut! Then dropped him at the office and grabbed the radio. After taking his bags inside as he needed to unlock the door to the office. I certainly made an impression… Although I was told I should have charged $60 and got a tip 🙂