Month: November 2006

Here is a video showing a plane being fixed with duct tape. Yes. Duct Tape. On the wing! And someone in the USA has managed to get 75,000 AA Air Miles by buying US$300 worth of cheese. And I love

There is a story on about a company in berlin offering tours for Teddy Bears. They offer to take photos of your bears, give them a picnic, have them send a postcard home, all under the expert supervision of

Telstra is about to charge more for mobiles. They are mostly increasing flag fall charges. Here is a very large readymix sign in the outback. In the UK, people are unhappy that the government might be listening into people talking.

I found an article on VLan’s for Linux. Interesting concept. Something buried in the SMH. FOr the first time ever, the Senior Vice President of the NSW Law Society (known informally as the president elect) was not voted to become

I have spent much of the last two days at Pymble doing some work. This has been a bit tiring. The phone company ‘3’ has an interesting condition of service for its cable TV on the move service in The

Some californian cities are rejecting Coal Power. This comes at a time when Australia ia looking at Nuclear Power. But the californians are not looking at Nuclear – they want to replace coal with alternate fuels. The Register is reporting

I am writing a listener for the Transcom VTX3000x GPRS/GPS tracker so that it will integrate with my TeamTrack software

Here is a mirror for google!

Firstly, some people decided to Smash a new PS3 as soon as it came out. In front of people who had been waiting for hours. Just to see their reaction. Priceless. Yesterday I spent some time working on my new

The NSW government has installed some new High Definition cameras on railway stations which identify faces to ‘stop a future terrorist attack’. Link. The problem is that most terrorists in western societies have no record, and have had no contact

I have found just the thing for my Mother as a present for getting her Doctorate. It is here. A steal at only $24,500! Why this present? Well, for those who cannot remember history, one of the main characters was

A hotel room in Germany painted like a cartoon with black And the CSIRO wins a Wireless Data patent in the USA. I wonder if I have some prior art against that one. Interesting. Probably not, but I do

My windows server has been up for something like 7.47 Million days. I did the calculations, and that is something like 86 days. Since the windows server only has 750 MBytes of ram this is not too bad. I am

InfoWorld has a story on IT disasters… It only has overviews of four systems. What I could not believe is that the Department of Defense in the USA has 200 systems for managing inventry, and 450 for managing personel. The

A couple of things. Firstly today I installed Microsoft Office 2007. This was released in the last few days to MSDN people. It crashed my PC once with the blue screen of death, I think when it was removing the