There is a story on about a company in berlin offering tours for Teddy Bears. They offer to take photos of your bears, give them a picnic, have them send a postcard home, all under the expert supervision of a qualified physiotherapist. How cute… I wonder if I have any bears who would like an overseas trip.

On WikiPedia is a story about a Jiffy. It is defined as either 1/50th of a second, 1/60th of a second, or the time that light takes to travel 1cm.

I have found a story on how to install vmware on a linux box. Also, there is a story on the death of a former member of federal parliment who also had a ham radio license, and started the radio station 2KO.

New Scientist has story on how air bubbles might be able to be used to improve the performance of boats, reducing friction. There was also a story about a company that scans postal mail and emails it to you. Cute