A couple of things. Firstly today I installed Microsoft Office 2007. This was released in the last few days to MSDN people. It crashed my PC once with the blue screen of death, I think when it was removing the Office that was there already, and then I needed to reboot a couple of times to install the product. Could be better.

I needed to then download the Desktop Search in order to search my emails. And that was a pain, both to index the mail and to install. And the syntax is not ideal. Not like Lookout where you could type ‘Darryl lastmonth’ to see everything in the last month. Now it is something like ‘Darryl date:past month’. I guess I will learn this syntax soon.

Excel and Word look, well, strange. The menu bar looks wrong. VERY WRONG. Looks like a graphic designer had a bad acid trip. Not as user friendly I dont think.

Anyway, finally, you MUST have a read of This story on IT departments!