Month: November 2006

A few things. Firstly, I am installing Office 2007 as we speak. Professional edition. I downloaded it earlier today, but my MSDN serial number was not available for a few more hours after that. It allows you to do an

I heard a new phrase today… Rather than ‘worlds best practice’, this is ‘Worlds best Malpractice’

Some great news… The trailer for the new simpsons movie is out. After seeing The Trailer I was just shaking my head. Well, actually the start of the trailer was rather, um, un-simpsons like. I was wondering if I had

Great News

Some Great News… My mother has finally been notified that her EdD Thesis has been accepted and therefore she is eligable to graduate. What that means is the my mother has completed her Doctorate and in a few days will

Remotely unlocking Windows passwords with locked screens Link Fixing XP networking when Adware destroys it link Blue Screen of Death Screen Saver Link Helicopter Parents Link API for MapPoint Link

What a great idea. In the USA, banks have started allowing businesses to deposit cheques Electronically. The scanner reads the cheque and sends it to the bank automatically. What a great idea. Then the bank can send a scan of

A DELL customer has managed to get a refund for the Windows that was shipped with his PC link The NTSB has released an interesting report on a pipeline that burst a few years back. One of the main problems

There is a story in the SMH about how there was a Transformer explosion at Vales Point Power Station. I did some work there so this is rather interesting. Also, Google is calling new copyright rules ‘Restrictive’. And the Lets

This morning I have an interview to go to concerning a complaint I made. I do not plan to go into the details here, apart from saying that it is on and I am looking forward to it. What will

Tomorrow I need to ring the RTA about thier Cashback. They have now started using cheques with fibres in them. The problem is that on the side they say ‘Security feature in this cheque is a microprinted signature line; the

A toddler has been placed on the ‘Do Not Fly’ list in the USA. And an arrest warrant has aparently been issued for the two year old too. The father offered to hand the child over when first told as

Dumb McDonalds. They have a multiple choice ‘Get the Facts’ advert at the moment. In the last year, McDonalds used more than XXX Kg of Chicken. And answers were 1 million, 4.35 million and 12 million. Clicking the answer they

A friend of a friend made this comment about Australians… “You know… I think Australians are genetically predisposed to ‘breach of contract’” Slightly rude, but probably somewhat accurate.

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Todays meeting was certainly interesting. At almost three hours it was also far too long. That was not my fauly, for once. I can say one thing though – I think it was the most honest meeting I have been