Month: February 2005

Storage in the Workshop

I have been cleaning the workshop. Some items are stored in cases, and other in crates. The cases contain things like old circuit board, connectors (when I have 1-200), some cables, etc.The second area is crates. Crates are great for

Doing Stuff

The last few days have been a good excuse to clean up. I have been working on getting stuff cleaned up for the last three months or so, but it has accelerated in the last month just since I am

Mainly Music.

Music: I am listening to a group from the USA that is about to release an album. A friend asked me to have a listen to it, and I can assure you that as soon as it becomes available I

More Cleaning Up

I have been doing more cleaning up this afternoon. I was about to say I did not realise how much junk I had. But the thing is that I think I actually did. I got more of it thrown out

A survey

Writing a Blog can be hard. Not only do I need to write what I want to write, I need to write what other people want to read. With that in mind I have devised the following survey. Please take

Mown Lawns…

OK. The lawns are done. What I find as my fitness level improves with running is that the time it takes to mow the lawns decreases. This is definitely a good thing… Earlier today I managed to see a few

Sunday Morning

Today will probably be another day at home, apart from church. There is the chance i will be going over to work on the plane after church, but I guess not since I have not heard anything yet. Still, I

A Saturday at Home

Hmm… A saturday at home. How relaxing and at the same time how boring. I almost got the to-do list finished from Friday which is a good thing. My problem is that there is only one of me – which

Some Programming

One of the disadvantages of working for yourself is that there is no boss to be angry with for any reason. Nor is there any way to have a weekend free of work if you know that you must do

At home today… Strange…

For the first time in a *LONG* time I am home for a saturday. I cannot remember the last time I was home for a saturday? I have a feeling it might have been just before I went on my

Server Crash…

Very strange one. I went to my brothers for dinner tonight. I left home at just after 5:30PM. At about 5:40PM my Linux server rebooted. I have not been able to work out what happend. The logs tell me nothing

An Underwater Hotel…

The News.COM.Au www site (the second WWW site I visit each day after has a Article about an undersea hotel that is being built. There is already one somewhere in the south east United States somewhere from memory. This

Good thing I dont wear nail polish

OK. So what am I talkingt about? Well, I mentioned earlier that I needed to dismantle some tracking units, reprogram them and then seal them back up. I have done this during this morning. This was fine, but my hands

Writing and more

Writing I find writing relaxing, and a great way to get my thoughts in order. Not all my thoughts go into this Blog. Some thoughts stay in my head, and others go into my diary. I sometimes think that I

More Paperwork

Right now I am close to having that horrible paperwork done. Not the horrible tax stuff, but the horible stuff where I needed deal with the too expensive solicitor. I am waiting for some more information for my document, but