Month: October 2014

Buy This Book – The Martian!

How could I not buy this book. I am loving it – it is a story about an engineer trapped on Mars, and how he works to try to get home. It is sort of like the story of the

Applied Microwave Engineering

After many years, I finally got to do some real Microwave Engineering today. You see, the carousel on my Panasonic Genius Inverter Microwave had ceased working. On a hunch, I guessed it was the motor that had failed, so I

Just One Small Issue With Mac OSX Yosemite

Mac OSX Yosemite came out yesterday, and I was out all working for a client, and then a friend came over to drop some packages over that he is storing under my house whilst he finds a new place to

Spamming of Facebook and Linked In By Accident

As one anonymous mailing list member pointed out to me privately yesterday, I accidentally Spammed both Facebook and Linked In with blog updates. And the comparison between Linked In and Facebook was really interesting: Facebook did not let most of

Updated Web Site

After a few years on Drupal, I have moved the Radioactive Networks Web Site to WordPress. I was rather unimpressed with Drupal as a content management system, and was actually rather more impressed with WordPress. I have been using WordPress

New Business – Redshift Wireless

This is a quick post to say that I have started a new business. It is called Redshift Wireless, and it is designed to help people manage their Air Conditioners in the Cloud.