Spamming of Facebook and Linked In By Accident

As one anonymous mailing list member pointed out to me privately yesterdaunwelly, I accidentally Spammed both Facebook and Linked In with blog updates. And the comparison between Linked In and Facebook was really interesting:

Facebook did not let most of my updates through, only permitting about 20 of them. LinkedIn I think permitted every single one, and I needed to delete every single one. No problem. There were only about 2800 updates! And every one needed to be clicked on to delete and then have the deletion confirmed.

The fact that Facebook did this probably results from their zealousness on protecting revenues LinkedIN is not quite to that point

How I arrived at this was also interesting. I was looking at my PowWeb hosting of my Redshift Wireless WordPress site, and saw that performance was horrid, with page loads taking five seconds. So I span up a cheap Amazon server, and things were much better.

Then I realised that two other blog/web sites were very slow, and I got annoyed at PowWeb, so I started moving them across. But to do this I grabbed the server from Redshift Wireless and cloned it, and then cloned the wordpress instances on top of that. This meant that the wordpress instances were set to automatically post to Facebook and LinkedIn whenever I posted a blog update. This was fine until I imported my old blog from Blogger, all 2800 entries.

Thankfully it is all fixed now, and I think all the errant entries have been deleted.