Updated Web Site

After a few years on Drupal, I have moved the Radioactive Networks Web Site to WordPress. bh2I was rather unimpressed with Drupal as a content management system, and was actually rather more impressed with WordPress. I have been using WordPress for a couple of other sites, and I was happy with it, hence the move. I have also moved to self-hosting the Blog, although it is on a server that is rented by the hour (or year) from Amazon. This provides a significant upgrade from using the server at PowWeb, in terms of speed.

I have moved my Blog, which has been sorely neglected for the last few years, onto the site as well. Some links have broken, but since most of the traffic to them comes from search engines, things should be better in a few weeks.

The design for the site does need some significant work, as do many of the pages. I will spend time to update them as appropriate. Since I have recently started Redshift Wireless, this may not be possible as often as I would like.