Month: October 2007

Copying Policy

The Federal Election is about a month away. For a number of reasons I will probably vote Labour. This is not only because of the Liberal’s Work Choices legislation, but also because of things such as the Copyright Amendment Act

Right now I am pretty happy… Things are looking fairly good at the moment – everything just seems to be getting better at the moment. Of course spanners have a known perchant for getting thrown in the works, but frankly

I was challenged by a friend to produce some pro-John Howard fashion for the 2007 election. I came up with two T-Shirts. The first is based on Hogan’s Heroes from the 1970’s, and the second is based on the Coalition’s

I stayed in the Holiday Inn Suva in October 2007 for a few nights on a holiday. Whilst I enjoyed the hotel there were a few issues that would have improved my stay.One of the first things I looked for

I am sorry to tell you that this first photo was taken just after breakfast this morning, just before I went for a swim. The water was beautiful, and just look at the view!!! I actually took this next phot

This photo is taken from the Hotel a few minutes ago. I am not enjoying this place and I want to go home. Yeah, sure! And this is a photo of my hotel room. I guess you can say it

7-October-2007I have made it to Nadi. I am pretty sure that this is Nadi, but it really is hard to tell, given that it is most definitely night time. The flight across the Pacific from Sydney was relatively uneventful. The

There is something rather civilised about the Qantas Club. For me it is a business expense as it is an office whenever I am on the road. I guess you could also call it a fringe benefit that makes flying

International Space Station

I contacted the International Space Satation today from my car on the way in. The log is below, so is the location of where i was when I did this. Two way text messaging too. This was so fun! And

Rack Cabinet

I have designed a Rack Cabinet for my servers. Unlike common installations I have designed the cabinet so that it will not need Air Conditioning. It is located in a cool area with a large thermal mass that is at