There is something rather civilised about the Qantas Club. For me it is a business expense as it is an office whenever I am on the road. I guess you could also call it a fringe benefit that makes flying more enjoyable.

Right now I am sitting in the Qantas Club in the International Airport. I have a seat with power and phone line, and a panoramic window overlooking the Sydney CBD. I have taken a photo with my camera phone, but I dont think I have a cable to download it the photo with me.

Right now, apart from writing this message, I am having a snack – some fruit juice with gormet sandwhiches, fruit and cheese. The seat is comforatble, and there is no problem leaving a bag unattended to go to the bar, or to get a coffee. In essence, it is quiet but not too quiet. Internet is available here either through the computer room or via WiFi. Wifi is not free though. Thanks to my vodafone card I have no problem with internet access anyway.

In a moment I am going to watch some DVD’s on my laptop whilst I wait for the phone. Life is good.