Copying Policy

The Federal Election is about a month away. For a number of reasons I will probably vote Labour. This is not only because of the Liberal’s Work Choices legislation, but also because of things such as the Copyright Amendment Act or 2006, certain aspects of Telecommunications Policy and certain aspects of the Australia-USA Free Trade Agreement. It is also related to the fact that I believe that good government requires a good opposition, and the best way to ensure that is to ensure that the opposeition is in governement periodically.

With this in mind, I have a good friend who gave me a challenge. The challenge was to design a piece of clothing to support the Liberal Party – something that was all my own work. I was not permitted to copy it at all. How boring, but them there is the rules. The challenge was put in a way that I really did not have much choice but to accept.

I came up with a number of designed – the remainder of which are already on this Web Site. When I described the concepts to the challenger, there was one clear winner. It appears below. There is some context to this – when Kevin Rudd released his Taxation Policy, it was about 91.5% identical to the Liberal Party policy released days before. So I got thinking… What if there was some Liberal Party policy that Labour was able to copy without causing the Liberals any problems.

And I found one – the Liberal Party ‘HOW TO VOTE’ Card. Of course the example on the T-Shirt is a fake, but the concept is there. It contains a personal member to the leader of the Labour Party – STEAL THIS POLICY! I DARE YOU!