I just got the following comment on my blog… it really irritates me to read quotes that are so blatantly wrong. No web page in WA sells RADAR JAMMERS. We sell RADAR DETECTORS and LASER JAMMERS. There is no broadcast law against LASER jammers. This is a public frequency of 904nm. You can check out the legalities of this at http://www.radars.com.au But in your article you mention "laser jammer" but then go on to talk about radar jammers. Two completely different things.

I have a few comments on this…

1. According to the Radiocommunications Act 1992, a radio emission is any emission of electromagnetic energy less than 420 THz, regardless of if it is an intentional or not. 904 nm is about 332 THz, so a 904 nm transmission is a RADIO EMISSION. Section 6 of the act notes that a RADAR device is covered under the act specifically. And therefore also a LASER RADAR operating at 904 nm is still a RADAR.

2. Except in an emergency, a person may not operate a radiocommunications device (such as a RADAR or LASER) except if it is Authorised by… A Spectrum License, An Apparatus License or a Class License. Therefore the frequency is LICENSED.

3. The 304 TGz band is covered under a CLASS LICENSE. The license is here

4. Section 4(1)(b) states that the device must not cause any iterference to the operation of any radiocomminication service.

Therefore… there is a broadcast law against LASER JAMMERS… Just as there is against RADAR JAMMERS in the 10-24 GHz Range.