Month: August 2007

I have been programming PIC18F8720’s for the last few days. And things have been going OK. But I have been working with some TIMER code, and I did some calculations, and what I found was that the timer was being

Recently I was at a family event, and I found that many of my relatives were on Facebook. So I decided to join Facebook. It is an interesting community. You can see the university free speech basis of the site.

There are some TV ads for, which is a Web Site for people going overseas. The TV ad tells that in many places it is illegal to take photos of some government buildings. I have just looked at the

I have just started a new business called InLocality which is intended to work in the space of Indoor Tracking.

A short update. Firstly mum is continuing to get stronger. She has driven her car a couple of times in the last week, and has felt strong enough even to walk up the front stairs without anyone home in case

Bad Telemarketer

I have just had a phone call from The Equity Group based in Erina, here in NSW. They were calling from a PRIVATE caller ID number, probably from India. It took me a LOT of time to find out that

Last night I went to the Bob Dylan concert with a couple of other members of the list. Let’s start with the support act. Unlike most concerts they were competent and their sound was mixed fairly well. The exception was

SatNav Issues… A Japanese Invasion

In what must be one of the more ‘Unique’ product placements ever, Hitachi has used a US map for their SatNav systems. Look at the following graphic for the MMP-501. If you lool carefully you might just be able to