Bad Telemarketer

I have just had a phone call from The Equity Group based in Erina, here in NSW. They were calling from a PRIVATE caller ID number, probably from India. It took me a LOT of time to find out that their phone number was 1300 799 258. They were calling from India I think. Their ACN is 123 882 842.

Now, why am I suggesting that this is a bad telemarketer, and also suggesting that it is wise not to deal with them? Well, first, they seem to be offering financial advice, but have no AFSL. An AFSL is required to offer financial advice in this country.

Next, their telemarketing call. The call was made from a PRIVATE number. This is not permitted with telemarketing calls. The company who rang were unwilling to give me their company name. It took a lot of work to find that the company they were calling from was THE EQUITY GROUP from ERINA. I had to convince the telemarketing company to give me their phone number to work this out. Then when I informed the telemarketing company that the call was not legal, they told me that my number was not on the do not call list. It was. Even if it was not, they were requrired to stop marketing to me at that point, and they should have used a public caller ID for the call.

Right now the ACMA and ASIC have been contacted over this matter.