A short update. Firstly mum is continuing to get stronger. She has driven her car a couple of times in the last week, and has felt strong enough even to walk up the front stairs without anyone home in case she falls. Her lumbar puncture went well last week too, and did not cause any problems. They did a blood test, and found that her platelets were still a bit low, but that was really not that great a concern at this stage.

I also had a blood test on tuesday to see if I am a match to be a Stem Cell donor. I imagine that we will find this out this coming tuesday when mum has ber normal checkup at the haemotologist.

Now some sad news. My grandmother (my fathers mother) died this morning after a long illness. I had a call from dad in Abu Dabi (UAE) a couple of hours ago saying that his brother had just called with the news. Not sure when the funeral will be at this stage. Given the distances involved, it is likely that Dad will be unable to attend the funeral, but he did get the oportunity to record a eulogy before he left, which will be used in the funeral.