Month: May 2007

I have just spoken to Mum. Her doctor came to visit and filled her in on the Stem Cell blood tests. Whilst the indicator tests were OK, it would appear that the Stem Cell count was not really high enough,

The Sydney South West Area Health Service has a PDF file for people wanting to link to their WWW site. The PDF is Here. I have not filled in the form, and I am pretty sure that it is bogus.

I have been doing some programming with Bluetooth on the PC. I was amazed that there are at least three different Bluetooth stacks under XP. They are Toshiba, Widcom and Microsoft. Of these Microsoft seems to be the one that

Audigy 2ZS Video Editor

I picked up a Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS Video Editor from PressDigital yesterday and I must say that I am really impressed. Normally I am not one of these people who buys high-end sound cards, or video cards. Well, apart from

My birthday today… Mum is home but she has a temperature so the doctors have asked her to come into hospital. I have the flu so she will be wearing a facemask. I need to have a quick shower to

I have been having some dropouts on my Westnet ADSL 2+. The dropouts have been really bad in the last few days, and I decided to fix things. I use a Billion Bipac 5102 ADSL modem. This is one of

I had my birthday party last night, and it went well. A few people could not make it, but it was fun none the less. I want to concentrate on the menu since I found a great combination of foods