I have just spoken to Mum. Her doctor came to visit and filled her in on the Stem Cell blood tests. Whilst the indicator tests were OK, it would appear that the Stem Cell count was not really high enough, and the numbers do not seem to be rebounding as fast as they should. If they are not high enough tomorrow they are looking at sending her home and then giving her some more chemo after the Long Weekend. At that time they would then try giving her StemGen generate the Stem Cells.

The chemo after the long weekend would be less severe than the chemo she has had to date – probably CHOP. The side effects for the StemGen seem to be slightly nasty, but certainly nothing compared to Chemo itself.

Once the Stem Cells have been collected she will be out of hospital for 1-2 months, and then go back in for the implantation. When she is back she will be in for about a month.