I had my birthday party last night, and it went well. A few people could not make it, but it was fun none the less.

I want to concentrate on the menu since I found a great combination of foods that made cleaning up easy. And since it was going to be me cleaning up predominantly by myself, that was an important concideration.

For starters we had some finger food. Some brie, chips, and some lollies from the ‘Natural Confectionary Company’. This all went down really well, and the food was served in disposable bowels. I also had some Homus with lebanese bread but up. The homus came in three small tubs together allowing me to open only as many as were needed.

Then for the mains we had BBQ Steak, Salmon Cutlets and Sausages. The Steak and Sausages were half price since I went shopping at the right time, and i think they discount them once they have been on display for more than 3 hours or something. This does not affect the food at all, and saved a heap of money. The salmon was from a fish shop with the idea that each piece would be cut into two. Cooking the salmon on the BBQ involved covering it with oil and cooking it just like a steak.

To reduce the washing up, disposable plates and cutlery was used. Desert was a pavlova which a friend brought across. This was delicious, and really hit the spot. I ended up taking the leftovers to church this morning which went down well too.