I have had an interesting idea for a business venture… “Cards for Teddy Bears”. This might also be known as “Cards for Bears”. But why? Well, with mum in Hospital and with me visiting most days, I was taken by the number of Teddy Bears in the oncology wards. There were all manner of bears, but they all had one thing in common – they were all there looking after the paitients they were with. None of them were complaining – they were just sitting there until they were needed.

And in many cases they were not even looking after their owners, but were bears on loan. My mother’s main bear is starting to lose his fur in one or two places, which is not surprising since he is 16 years old in human years, or 32 or 33 in Bear Years. He was in hospital for the first round of chemo, but she has borrowed to of my Teddy Bears for her latest stay in Hospital. They are doing Tag Team, whilst coming home for a ‘Swim’ [Which is Bear speak for a Wash… But if you mention a Wash to a bear you might not get a good reaction since bears do not like to have a wash in general]

Anyway, back to the story. My mother has been getting a heap of cards from all sorts of people. But the poor Teddy Bears are just spending time in hospital, often not even getting cuddles at night since their friends are not all that well. Often the best they can hope for is an adoring look, the knowledge that they are helping the paitient, and if they are lucky, a hug from a nurse occasionally.

So it is about time that these little bears got themselves their own line of Cards. Just something small to say a big Thank You to them for their tireless work. I dont think there is a huge market for them, but I am sure there is a market!