Month: April 2007

I have had an interesting idea for a business venture… “Cards for Teddy Bears”. This might also be known as “Cards for Bears”. But why? Well, with mum in Hospital and with me visiting most days, I was taken by

There was a story in the SMH about how a 76 year old got a ticket for parking in a No Stopping zone going to a dawn service. And complaining how no discretion was used, and how he should have

FPGA for Fun 100 MHz digitizerBitscopeVista Content Protection

I got ADSL 2+ installed today with Westnet, and I should say that I am not totally impressed by some things. First, when I was moved over, I kept my old IP address for a while. In fact I kept

One of the missing features in Outlook 2007 is the ability to preview PDF files, like JPG, PNG, XLS and WORD documents. So, I am impressed to see a PDF Viewer for Microsoft Outlook. Whilst this is not an ‘Official’

I have been playing with the Tibbo DS202 Serial To Ethernet converter from PressDigital in Sydney, and I must say I am impressed with the unit. I was investigating a different unit for a client, and came across this one

I have been playing wit the Enfora MT-GL GPRS/GPS Tracking Units. I have written an advanced general purpose listing program for this unit, and the larger MT-G. Photos will come soon.

I have added a new blog with details of my Mother’s fight with Cancer. You can visit the site by clicking here or visiting You can leave a comment if you like and I will ensure that it gets