I got ADSL 2+ installed today with Westnet, and I should say that I am not totally impressed by some things. First, when I was moved over, I kept my old IP address for a while. In fact I kept it until I rang them to tell them to change it. I have no real idea why they needed to change it. Still, I have the new IP address and things seem to be working. I have emailed a request to get my reverse DNS entry set up but have not heard back from them yet.

I am presently getting 10097 kbps download speed, and 812 kbps upload. This no not bad really, but the download is similar to what I was getting with ADSL 1. It was downloading slightly faster, but I think it was getting too many errors and it re-synchronised more slowly.

I looked at the results when I dosconnected my ADSL line filter and home phone. Without the filter the only thing that changed was the noise margin. The noise margins improved by 1.5 db download and 0.6db for upload with the phone on the hook. With the phone off the hook the noise increased by about 0.1-0.2 db.

One thing I am dissapointed with is lack of ‘Divert on No Answer’ on the phone. I need to get this implemented with my VoIP PABX I think…