Month: September 2006

It looks like LG has been caught misleading consumers about the energy efficiency of their units. So much so that they have been ordered to repay up to $430 to consumers!!! In one case the A/C unit was advertised as

Upselling is endemic. Take the case of Australia Post. I wanted some postpacks. I go through a heap in the business and normally pick them up in lots of 10. Today I visited another of the post offices in the

Carl Scully, Police Minister of NSW is in trouble. The idiot decided to break a tradition that goes back to the English Civil War and brought a weapon into parliment in contravention of the directions of the speaker. He brought

Just before I went away I had an interesting meeting with the central office of an organisation I am involved with. This organisation is locally managed, and only has oversight from the central office. Anyway, the central office used strong

I am really really exhausted. It is now 9:30pm, and the first meeting of the evening started at 5pm. And these were rather complex, stressful events. The first at leasst was called at really short notice. Right now I have

Pymble today. And because of some external issues I have not got much done… A couple of quick links… Firstly, according to the NY Times, Google is looking at 12V inputs to motherboards as a way to save money on

Oops. A UK couple learned that leaving a computer available for a 3 year old to play with is probably not a wise idea. According to the BBC the child decided to use the ‘Buy Now’ option in eBay. The

OOps. It seems that Qantas has lost some more luggage. They lost the NRL Grand Final Trophey!!! Ouch. I have also found an article on how iPod integration is in many modern cars.

In news from the USA, the TSA has Allowed liquids back onto planes provided they are procured following security screening. Finally some logic with security. Of course the story suggests that the british are still being prohibited from all hand

Argh and D’Oh. YUK in fact. About 7am or so this morning Internet went down. Very strange. It has just come back up, about 30 minutes later. Given the various outages due to bad weather I am more and more

Very Very strange things happening here. My foxtel is out with no signal. But my Internet ADSL is working fine. So I went to ring up Foxtel this morning. Well, when I eventually got around to ringing them that is.

Finally home… What fun. I almost drove into an Optus cable earlier. Thankfully someone had tied a piece of cloth to the cable so that you could see it when you were about to hit it rather than when you

I slept much much better last night thankfully. I woke up twice but I went back to sleep. Maybe I am getting over this jetlag thing. That is my hope at least!!! Microsoft has released some Vista User Interface Guidelines.

Today I have been basically been vegging out, watching TV most of the day. Not the boring stuff, but pre-recorded stuff. All in all a thoughly enjoyable day really. I did not sleep totally well last night – waking up

It is about 7pm, and I just found that the posting from this morning did not happen. It is there now. As a way to get my sleep patterns to be somewhat normal I had a snooze about 2pm. I