Upselling is endemic. Take the case of Australia Post. I wanted some postpacks. I go through a heap in the business and normally pick them up in lots of 10. Today I visited another of the post offices in the area and decided that 25 would be more economical. To which the assistant says, after getting the 25 from out the back, why don’t you get 100… It would be cheaper. Only four times as many postpacks. Very helpful though! And maybe not the greatest upsell ever, but a good attempt.

Also whilst I was out I noticed one of the supermarkets had changed from ‘Food 4 Less’ to ‘Woolworths’. And they now have their ‘ROLLBACK’ meaning that they are winding back their prices. Interesting choice of words though… It is saying that the prices have just gone down after having gone up without the negative message of saying that we were recently making more money from you. When I see ROLLBACK I see them telling me that they used to be making a heap more money from me, but are now making slightly less.

Finally, why doesnt this ever happen to me?