Month: September 2006

4AM and all is well… Sort of. At 8pm I felt really tired again, and once again I fell asleep in front of the TV for half an hour. After watching TV for another half hour I found myself unable

Last thursday I went to a steakhouse in Tucson. The food was fantastic, cooked over a hickory fire from memory. Amazing taste. Great food, great company. During dinner one of my friends asked me if I had read the Bill

I had tons of sleep last night, it was just that my sleep was sort of at the wrong times. Let me explain. About 8pm last night I fell asleep in front of the TV set. I am not sure

I did just have a phone call from the Qantas Baggage Courier to let me know that he was a bit late, with my bags arriving sometimes between 3:30 and 3:45. This is more like the time that I expected

I have just heard back from QANTAS. Mind you this was at 11:18am today. They were ringing to ask if I would be home between 11:30 and 2:30 when my bags were due to be delivered. Hmm… Yes, I will.

I am catching up on my sleep. In the middle of the day yesterday I managed to get about 90 minutes sleep which was probably about the right amount. Then last night I got to bed just before 10pm and

According to the QANTAS site, my bags have been located. I think they managed to get onto the flight to Auckland from LA 24 hours late. Which means they are due to arrive in Sydney at about 10:30am. But what

Back to the future. Tucson stuff. I have forgotten what I wrote somewhat so there might be some duplication. I was just going to check the schedule for the event but I then remembered that the schedule is in with

Ok. Tucson flight was delayed a bit. John Ackerman who was at the DCC with me was on the same flight and got an SMS from ORBITZ saying that DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) was stormed in. We boarded a bit

Yesterday was rather cool as an event. My presentation went really well, with probably five people so far wanting copies of my presentation. This was not bad, and I am guessing that more people will want copies soon. My talk

Last night I went out to a Steakhouse for dinner. Food was great and so was the company. Coming back via the hotel shuttle backroads were used, and I saw a strange sign. I really should point out here that

I have been in a meeting all day here in Tucson. It has been really great catching up with people, and hearing about what is going on, both technically and personally. I just love hearing all the news. What I

Right now it is about 4am local time, and I am starting to get tired again. I woke about an hour ago, and after not being able to get back to sleep I decided to check my email. And work

More on todays trip… To get to Tombstone I hired a car. I was somewhat aprehensive about driving in the USA given that they drive on the incorrect side of the road. By inferenece, we in Australia drive on the

The last of my London photos. Here is the view from my Hotel room looking into the square. Here is one of the shops at Paddington Station. So cute. Now onto the USA, and Tucson. Boot Hill is the part