The Register is reporting on the latest music sales figures from ARIA. In overview, sales are down of physical media thanks to legal and illegal downloads, and increased choice. Ringtones are up… And strangly the same people who have an issue with paying $1.69 for a song have no problem paying $5 or $10 for a ringtone!

The government is forcing ISP’s to offer Spam Protection and also provide reasonable limits on sending mail. Thankfully things such as the reasonable limits is just in the best practice part of the ISP rules… One thing that the best practice rules suggest is that running an outgoing mail server when you have a dynamic IP address is not on, and all outgoing mail should be sent via the ISP. In essence, I think that the code is reasonable.

News.Com.AU has a story on Dating Holidays. I think more correctly it would be an article on what dating holidays are available out there…

The SMH has an opinion piece about how downloading TV shows is going to cause the TV channels to change… maybe adjusting the ideas about prime time and the whole ratings system. They also suggest that companies take care that their IT department is not downloading TV shows, as although individuals might get away with it, companies probably will not.