I have got some work done today… A tracker went out the door – I found some issues caused by the debugging information… Fun. Basically the debugging information was using up too much CPU time and other things were not running properly.

Worth 1000 has a contest of the greatest front pages from magazines… Frankly the best on is advertising the competition which is of the Cookie Monster on the front place of the People Magazine…. A blog on mac.com has instructions on how to put iPod controls on a steering wheel in a manner similar to cruise control. And I am an Angel Chaser.Com has details on how to make a fractal chandelier.

The Richard Hess Web Site shows how to get reel to reel tape recorders to play old tapes feeding isopropyl alcohol to a swab near where the record head should be. The trick is to use silicone tubing, and not use too much liquid, and also to wipe the tape afterwards.

I have printed out a copy of ‘Spy Versus Spy: Government Control of Sensitive Information’ about how Asio forced people to have their computer HDD’s wiped of selected information following being emailed the draft of a book. Very interesting read.

And finally, Hotel Chatter has information on WiFi in various hotels in the USA. I agree with their complaints about some places wanting you to pay for WiFi in rooms seperately from public areas.