I managed to sleep in this morning… By the end of the week I think I will have adjusted for the end of the coming daylight saving. I managed to wake up just before 7am today… Sometimes it is nice to sleep in….

The ‘Globe and Mail’ has a story on how some people are sensative to electricity around them. They quote research as indicating that the electricity causes health problems, bad moods and the like.

The Salt Lake Tribune contains a story about how a election official in Utah is rather concerned about voting machines and got someone independant to look at the device. Now, the manufacturer of the machine is going to charge US$40,000 to audit the machine (rather than just reformat the HDD etc) to discourage other people doing checks to make sure that the machine is operating correctly. This is the same type of machine that has been used ilegally with incorrect software in other states in the USA.

I just was looking at a piece of junk mail from our local member… Front page of this insert contains the words ‘…they would have needed to find alternative child care which is hard enough to find at the best of times.’, talking about a child care centre in the area being given an extra 12 months before shutting down when their lease runs out. The only problem here is that there are more than enough child care places in Ingleburn. Two centres the size of the one being shut down could be accomadated in the vacant places in the existing centres. And another two or three are opening this year!