As soon as this entry is complete I will be having a run – I have not been for about 10 days or so, and I am looking forward to geting some exercise. It has been too long, but things conspire against running – such as weather and illness. Still, I am fine now. I will see how I feel when I get out there. It is a tiny bit too sunny but I should be fine.

When I come back I am going to finally convert my TeamTrack application to the latest version of VisualBasic.NET. This has been something that I have been putting off, but I now think it is time. There are some user interface elements that I want to add, and I cannot do these cheaply without upgrading. The upgrade is the easiest way to do things. Basically I want to add some toolbars for various applications.

MickeyAvenue produces Disney type fonts. One of their hobbies is going to Disneyland and taking photos of their own fonts in use throughout the park – where they have done things by computer rather than by hand. That would be so cool… Being able to visit Disneyland and saying ‘I created that’.