I still have not worked out what to do with thread.suspend and thread.resume in VB.NET 2005. I did find another thing when I was searching for a solution for that though – on codebetter.com. The issue is that ay call to System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings just needed to be changed to System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager. Easy enough, except for one thing. It didn’t work. A reference to System.Configuration.dll is needed!

I think that the thread functions might be replaced with SyncLock, but that remains to be seen. Google will be my friend I think for some time until I work out what I need to replace in my code. The reason I need to do something is that when a webservice is called in the background then the application waits until the function returns meaning that the application does not respond in other ways. This is not good. So I am working on threading to improve the responsiveness.