I think my TeamTrack application is working fairly well in VisualStudio 2005. The threading seems to be working OK, but there is more to be done. The user interface needs some work, but it is actually working. I have to add things like tool tips, and then make up an install program, and do a lot more testing. Then I can release the software for Beta testing.

There was news a few days back that a spouse having an afair was detected by a bug with removing browsing history in firefox. Now comes news in The Register that a wife was detected by the use of the Ethereal Ethernet snooping shoftware. He found that his wife had been having an afair for a couple of months… Hmm.

Networld World has a story about the person who designed the Internet Router. And as it turned out CISCO’s router hardware was based on the code from the first router.

In the SMH, is a story about how some thieves tried to steal a Koala in Queensland. When the Koala decided to scratch the thieves almost to death, they decided to try something safer – stealing a crocodile! I kid you not! Also in the SMH is news that the major five suntan lotion companies in the USA have been sued as a class action for calling their lotion waterproof and sunblock which the litigants call clearly misleading.