Month: December 2006

I am just working out what I am doing for new years eve. It is the 29th and nothing is planned. Maybe an early night…

The Jem Report has some interesting articles on the story behind wireless network drivers in Linux. The gist of things is that many of the wireless cards are using FPGA’s and secondary processors which have their software loaded at runtime,

The Web Site [H] Consumer decided to test the rugged claims of a TwinHead laptop, and found them somewhat ‘Lacking‘. The documentation claimed that the laptop could survive 30 drops onto concrete from about 1m. Then when the manufacturer was

“Every new technology carries with it an opportunity to invent a new crime.”

Tomorrow I will me in Melbourne to hand in a Tender. Not sure how long I will be there yet. We will see. Linksys has realeasd the iPhone. It is NOT an apple product as many suspected it would be.

Oulook Links

Some articles. A fake TV report in Belgium caused outrage when it reported that the country had split into two. They reported that the north had split form the south, and were turning back trains and had set up a,0,1271494.story?coll=la-home-local – plane

Yahoo has a story on how forensics of Fire Investigations was not the exact science most people thought, and how many people are in prison for arson when they are innocent. Link. There is also a court case in the

There is a Web Site in the USA about a phone company that does not know the difference between 0.002 Dollars and 0.002 Cents. Despite being told by five people that GPRS roaming charges in Canada were 1/500th of a

What code doesn’t do in real life Link They have found the body of a pilot who died in Fiji… Not the army, but a civilian one. The guy who died was Kirk Palfrey. I am pretty sure that I

I have a Wedding to go to this weekend… I think I will miss it. After all they forgot to invite me to the bachelors party. It is for one of my clients. The problem is that the Wedding is

Last might I had a meeting… It lasted about three hours, and it highlighted my views on the voting system this particular organisation uses as being unweildy, and dumb. Apart from that though, I found the meeting stressful. Quite stressful.

dGPS on the Internet. LinkNew WestNet 8 Mbps plans. linkOpen Source Spying. link