The Web Site [H] Consumer decided to test the rugged claims of a TwinHead laptop, and found them somewhat ‘Lacking‘. The documentation claimed that the laptop could survive 30 drops onto concrete from about 1m. Then when the manufacturer was shown a laptop that had died after such a feat, they then said 2 out of 5 laptops survived. And then when it was replaced, the new laptop was only rated to survive six drops. OOps.

Slate has an article on businesses playing scrooge with their employees. The one I love the most is the $30 voucher for the bosses wives store, where every item is much much more than $30. Instructables has instructions for a cheap to run sign for outside a business using LED’s instead of neon.

And just for christmas, the BBC had an article how some very un-Australian scientists in Australia had found a chemical that stops alcohol craving in people!