Blog Updates

3-November-2002 : Update

It has been a while since our last update. Since then the company has been busy working on a number of important projects. We have been working on the installation of a TV Studio Training Facility at the Royal North Shore Hospital, as well as providing athlete tracking for IronMan in Hawaii.

As a result of this work, we have placed a significant investment in PIC and AVR microprocessor development. Our first product – the AntiTracker should be released soon.

The AntiTracker is for use in a wide area radio network, and allows field units to cheaply monitor the objects being tracked in a large event, all from the screen of a GPS receiver.

1-August-2002 : Reorganisation

A minor reorganisation of the site has been started, which should make it a bit eaiser to navigate the site. Much of the content is being removed from the top level menu, and has been put into sub-menus. Some of this work has already been implemented, and there is more to come.

We have also decided to start hosting most of the WebSite off site through a commercial hosting provider. These providers operate through economies of scale, and therefore they can host for a fraction of price that we can host the site. The switchover has just been completed, with few issues.

[Update 7-August-2002] After moving the WebSite off site to improve reliability, the new hosting provider suffered a major outage, lasting about an hour. The problem was fixed before I knew there was a problem.

7-July-2002 : Company Structure

In order to pleace Radioactive Networks on a more commercial footing, we have decided to move the commercial structure to that of a private company. In the near future, Radioactive Networks (ABN 13 435 697 517) will be closed, and replaced with Radioactive Networks Pty. Ltd.

29-June-2002 : Network Switch Comissioning

I have just comissioned a new 24 port 10/100 MBit/sec SureCom switch with VLAN capability, and upgraded a number of the machines to 100 MBit/sec. This should improve reliability and inprove the performance of the whole network. Previously all the network connections were 10 MBit/sec.

The VLAN capability on the switch allows the entire network to be reconfigured by reprogramming the switch. Comissioning the switch was as simple as powering it up, setting which ports are to be connected together, and attaching the network cables. I am now wondering why I didn’t take the plunge earlier.