Microsoft Expression Web 2

Expression Web from Microsoft is not my favorite product at the moment. It is too complex, and does not provide features that I would have thought would have been standard. These have to do with NAVIGATION. Maybe I need to go back for retraining, but I for the life of me cannot work out how to intelligently do menus or Navigation. It cannot be THAT hard. Can it?

My wants are fairly simple. Firstly, I would love a hierarchical menu system. One that only opens up as far as needed for a particular page. Oh, and i would like it to highlight the currently selected page in the hierarchy. But there is a complication. I also want a selected page to be able to have a number of ‘sub pages’. Well, these are really pages in themselves, but the same page is selected on the hierarchy. And this collection of pages needs its own menu, but just for those pages. I can insert something onto those pages by hand, but what?

With the Web Meta Language (WML) this is all fairly straightforward. But under ExpressionWeb this is too hard for words. FrontPage is easier to use. So far in my searching I have not come up with a decent windows programming for a Web Site.

It is no wonder that people start using a Content Management System after software like this… Maybe I need to start using SharePoint 🙁