Indoor Tracking and Bluetooth Tracking WebSite Update

I was in the process of updating the website for my indoor tracking business InLocality using Microsoft Expression Web. You can try this software out buy downloading an evaluation version, and then buying online for digital delivery if you want. I should explain that this is done via DigitalRiver for Microsoft.

First, the price in Australian Dollars is listed as $161. But then you find out that this is without GST. Then they want you to buy their three year download protection product. So that for the next three years you can download the software from them in case you need to reinstall it. You can buy a case for $12 I think too. Now, how dumb is this. I can download it for FREE from Microsoft. Free, I tell you! All I need to do is to protect the license key. Digital River does like to make their money… JCTech has good prices but didn’t have the software in stock.

Anyway, there should be an update for InLocality’s Bluetooth Tracking product soon.