I got a new video card for my Dell GX280 computer today. I ended up getting an Asus EN9400GT video card. This is a half height design which would fit into the case. With the half height adapter it did fit but the HDMI was unusable. This is fine as I had a DVI to HDMI adapter.

Unfortunately, the device did like my TV, in terms of sound. The sound connection was via a Line Input on my TV, and the new video card had an audio channel with nothing on it. So, I needed to hack the audio on the card. The input on the video card was S/PDIF but my motherboard did not have a suitable output. Thankfully I did have a spare RCA Analogue to SPDIF/Optical. So I hacked it. I powered the converter with 5V from the power supply, and added an RCA connector for the cable to the video card. This worked well.

A minor amount of metal work was needed in the area of the HDD mount to get the case to shut, but apart from that the card looks like it works well

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