A few minutes back I had a SKYPE from a friend in New Zealand… He wanted to show SKYPE off to a visitor so he contacted me… His visitor was impressed… Even more so when he was able to use the Skype-Out feature to ring me back on my home phone and ask me to Skype him back. Really cool. Tomorrow morning I need to speak to Canada so I might use SKYPE to call them… using Skype Out.

I found another strange thing about Telstra the other day… Telstra use parcel post for bills when needed. How did I find this out. A client of mine got a phone bill of over 1000 pages… The bill was not for much money, but the number of pages was just so over the top. This was a good incentive to get online billing. What I would like with Telstra would be to get an overview page from telstra, and the details emailed to me.