For the last few too many hours I have been working on my TeamTrack application upgrading it to VisualStudio 2005. There were a few hundred issues to be resolved. Not major errors, but in some cases the syntax has been supersceded, or there are new ways to do things, or there are variables that I have not used, or many other things. My code is a lot tighter now. There are a lot of things to resolve, but that will certainly not be tonight.

I was having an issue to do with serialization of the XML Web Service. Things were just not working. I eventually found that I needed to turn off “generate serialization assembly” in the advanced options in the project properties. This was hard to find, and a friend found it for me. There have been other issues – but I have just been working through these one at a time. I still have an error when I close the program down that has to do with an error at 0x0eedfade. Not sure what this means.

Anyway I guess it is now bed time… More tomorrow.