Month: September 2007

Citizens Electoral Council of Oz

I got some SPAM today from which is the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia. This is a group of loonies who believe that they are exempt from the SPAM ACT because they are a political party. Sure, their rubbish

I took mum to the haematologist yesterday for her checkup, and got her blood tested. The blood test results were not too bad, although the platelets were still down a bit. The red and white cell numbers are down a

2 Clix sues Whirlpool…

To me, as an interstate non-lawyer I have some major issues with the Statement of Claim that was submitted to the Supreme Court. In the claim at the top of the document, the solicitor claims ‘Damages for Injurous Falsehood in

This post relates to THE CHASERS WAR ON EVERYTHING, and how they entered the restricted zone of APEC. Eleven people were arrested when the CHASER comedy team set up a fake motorcade and drove past the security checkpoints, and were

I found a cute Pizza Recipie link